Best Trump Comments

Melania leaked on Donald, Donald said “I do”

Pence the old ball and chain aka Stepford Wife knows whats up. He is distancing himself for his big promotion.

When Ivanka Trump was asked about old people going hungry without meals on wheels, she replied “Let them eat cake”

Kelliann “Your microwave is now showing fake news”

Trump supporters are now praying to Trump before bed

Trump put the peach in impeach

FBI comey We have been using covert backdoor surveillance..ooh kinky

seriously at this stage, Trump just might actually have someone “thrown under the bridge!
Don’t be so hard on trumpsters. They actually think Mexico is paying for the wall lmao
even IVANKA has her own office and Security Access now:
Ivanka AKA Let them eat cake deserves everything her wittle heart desires

Trump, we got back up,  the Viagra kicked in

Sean Spicer’s Flipping Routine news: spicey did a back flip and the splits and back handed a reporter today
I swear there are so many recovering paranoid schizophrenics who have lost all progress as a result of this microwave claim
Trump travel ban just in from the United Nations
Trump and his Fake News… Falsehoods… LIES… oops “Alternative Facts” for trumptards
Why is Trump doing another Rally and he hasn’t even been in Office for 100 Days yet? NEVERMIND he already goes to MAR-A-LAGO resort every Weekend to play Golf…. Trump is a HACK
Trump bought a muslim sex doll but it blew itself up
Its one thing if Trump played Golf every weekend (which he does).. its another thing when you BASH Obama for years for simply playing Golf while on vacation… Trump OWNS Golf Resorts and GOLFS lol
Spicer: ​He doesn’t think Obama tapped his phone personally. Well no shit captain obvious
Every single week… another HUGE LIE from The White House….. Examples: OBAMA WIRETAPPING / Bowling Green Massacre / Sweden Massacre / 3-5 MILLION illegal votes (no proof)
Trump “I’d like to TAPP that ass”
remember when 4chan joked and made up russian pee parties just to test fake news baits, and all the hillary and leftist retards believed it and keep spreading it, LOL you guys are amazingly retarded –little did we know it was true
How Trump Earned His Low Approval Rating – The man in the White House is failing even those who favored his “Make America Great Again” platform.
Of course Obama is smarter than Trump… a 5TH GRADER is smarter than Trump for Christ’s sake
If Obama wiretapped Trump… TODAY is the day we would know for sure… he said they have NO evidence to support that claim…… in other words.. Trump LIED!!!! (which he does all the time)
Trump always having a Rally when he is embarassed or having a bad week “
 FAKE NEWS… Everyone LOVES ME… look at my BIGLY Crowds.”
TRUMP lies every single week and these dumbass Trumptards don’t even bitch one bit… but OH NOOOOO CNN is reporting on Trump’s shadyness WATCH OUT Lolr Trump…
NEVER trust a person who voted for Trump they are automatically dumb
Kelliann, I am being liar tapped by my microwave , it knows, it knows…ahhh
Kelliann: I am being liar tapped by my microwave , it knows, it knows that I am a liar..ahhh I am melting from the microwave beams
my safe place is right here…laughing at this clown and his administration while the walls close in on them.
Trump vs Nordstrom / Trump vs Meryl Streep / Trump vs Schwarzenegger (“pray for Arnold”) / Trump vs CIA / Trump vs FBI / Trump vs Congress / Trump vs AMERICA….. Trump vs Australia lol

Corporate Career By Day, Online Business By Night

I work in the corporate world by day and by night (and weekends)  I run my part-time online home business.

Most people dream of being an entrepreneur and running their own successful business.  This is the foundation of the American Dream after all.  

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Bootstrapping a part-time tech business

Bootstrapping my part-time tech business – bootstrapping means to self fund your business.

  • Growth is going to be slower because of limited funds, accept that growth could be slower and take years.
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  • Owner has 100% equity in the company

I do not need a start up backer, I am my own start up backer.  I do not have to share my business plan with anyone.  And my ideas are my ideas, however good or bad.  And yes, those bad ideas are good, because they are actually a spring board to learning from mistakes and adapting.

To make money, it takes money

at home business part time

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Future of My Smart Lifestyle –

Future New products-prototypes and samples- research, development and production of Amazon FBA products with smart features.  This is the backbone and future of my business plan.

Benefits of a part-time home business

Business growth can be slower, without the business going bankrupt.  It takes years for some tech businesses to get off the ground.  The website needs time to rank.

My at home online business opens up my creativity and lets me roll with my passions.  When I am writing or speaking about my passions, I get in the zone and get out of my own head and into my special intellectual and creative space.

My measure of great success is to have my daytime career and also have a passive income stream that is producing wealth behind the scenes, whether I am at work, at home and even sleeping.  My online business does take a lot of work and time and it is by no means easy but it is doable.

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