Epson Powerlite Home Cinema

The entertainment value that I have received over the past 6 months from my Epson Powerlite Home Cinema is unlike any other item that I have reviewed. This item may be my favorite for providing enjoyment especially to people who enjoy going to the movies.

 As someone who is fairly new to home projection systems, I found it easy to hook up and get rolling.  I connected it to my Sony Blu Ray player to get access to tons of streaming services in HD including Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Amazon Instant Video, Facebook, and then project it on the wall of my living room.  I have the 707 model.  Although this one may not be have the highest definition available, it is cost effective and  I can’t tell the difference between this one and the higher priced models.   This projector is quickly becoming a favorite with my relatives and friends when they come over to visit. Especially the younger kids. It is enjoyable to create an especially fun atmosphere, with the projector. This makes the fun of movie night extra special when you bring out the snacks and buttered popcorn and play on the theme of the movie.

“Drive-In Movie Night at Home”

One night I even had the relatives over during the summer for “drive in” movies in the backyard at my house. The featured film was an scary, classic film called “The Body Snatchers”, that my older sister remembered from her childhood. We brought out lawn chairs, had beers and our favorite pizza. And just like the real driveins of the past, don’t forget the bug spray. Trust me fun was had by all. This comes with a carry case to transport to events. Epson projectors can and have been used for many years, for power point presentations in business or for any type of presentation where there is a need to project the images from a computer or laptop, especially where there is a large audience.

Back Yard Drive In


Dear Google…Big Mother?

Dear Google,

You know where my car is parked exactly, I won’t lose it anymore.  How long for me to get to work in the morning, yep you know the best route.  You, my new caretaker, give me my daily weather report before heading out of the door.  I can almost hear you saying “Don’t forget your galoshes and umbrella, Little One”.  You even lovingly tell me any other useful info that I might “need” to know first thing in the morning, as if you were my doting parent.

I do wonder what I might have lucked into by chance, if I would have made my own decisions?  Maybe my decisions would have not been so wise.  I would have forgotten my galoshes, for sure.

No, Google you are definitely not my Big Brother, like in Orwell’s 1984.

As you know Google, I am a nerd and love to use my technical devices, however I still like to use my own devices. Yet, I seem to be letting you make more and more decisions for me.  Decisions out of fear that I am going to make the wrong decision. I’d been using my own brain power, actually for quite some time, without any huge incidents, I might add. However, I am compelled to accept your unexpected and unsolicited advise.  Decision such as what articles I want to read or where I want my Google searches to end up.  And demands such as..Don’t eat that donut this morning, you have gained weight again..Oh, nevermind that is my Scaledown scale.

I know you.. my Dear Google, are only trying to hold my hand and be helpful and protective to poor little me.  Therefore, I am going to use you, as intended, as guidance just like my dear old Mom, to help me make my own, if not always the best, decisions.

With Much Appreciation, Me

Virtual Reality Shopping

Virtual Reality Shopping

Virtual reality shopping experiences are coming to a living room near you.  The virtual reality devices that are now in the works will give you a shopping mall at your fingertips.   Oculus Rift wants to make it “possible for you to experience anything, anywhere, through the power of virtual reality.” 

Oculus Rift 3 Items Bundle:Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset,Oculus Touch and Oculus Rift Earphones

And I thought the new virtual reality would be just another addiction for teenage boys in their parents basements.  No, this is going to be Home Shopping Network on steroids for us, women!  Are you talkin’ to me?  Soon, you can shop till you drop and when you do drop, you will land comfortably, in your own couch. Hopefully we will have our own life sized models of ourselves available to try on any clothing that appeals to us.  Maybe I can just punch in my specs (height, weight and other dimensions) and have a virtual Sharon walk through the mall for me.  Unfortunately, our other senses such as smell, taste and touch, will not get to experience much during these shopping trips. I, very likely, won’t be calling up my daughter, to meet me for a virtual shopping trip to Liberty Center Mall and lunch afterwards.

Although I do like to experience real shopping, in the flesh, I am a techno geek at heart, so I can hardly wait for VR shopping to become a reality.  It will be a good option for people who can’t get out of the house for one reason or another.  I loved playing the Sims when it was first released and this makes that game seem like child’s play, never mind that was only a game after all, and the shopping wasn’t tied to my real life credit card.  Sims was like having a pretend second life, one where I could live out my domestic, social and career fantasies.  The new virtual reality will be an extension of our real life, and not pretend.  Maybe I will call up my daughter and have her meet me for a virtual reality shopping trip in the near future, after all.  It sounds virtually awesome.