Can Stress Cause Back Pain?

Several things that stress our bodies can also stress our backs causing muscle spasms and pain.

Being stressed and under pressure creates nervous tension and this stress and tension can build up and need to be dissolved with relaxation.

Even sitting all day at a desk with your arms in front of you can physically stress your back because your core structure is lax and at rest. Take breaks away from your desk walking to stimulate your circulation and put your muscles in action. Lightly stretch your back throughout the day to keep your muscles loose and flexible. Do not over-stretch.

Constant hunching over to pick up items can also stress an already weak back. If you have a weak back strengthening your core muscles could help avoid any laxity by building the fibers of the back muscles. Laxity causes over stretching of the muscles and creates tiny tears leading to damage and soreness. The muscle may have been overstretch because of weak muscles that are not forming a tight girdle around the mid section of your back. A muscle spasm is the bodies way of protecting itself by paralyzing the muscle slightly and temporarily to prevent further injury and to stabilize the muscle so it can heal the damage.

Use a stability ball to strengthen your core muscles whenever possible. A basic bridge pose can strengthen and stretch your lower back. By building your muscles you are also building the support structure of your body.

The plank pose strengthens your core by tightening your mid girdle muscles.

Water is a the most important mineral in the body and just one mineral that if there is a deficit can cause spasms and pain. Magnesium deficiency is another common cause of muscle spasms as well as other mineral deficiencies. Epson Salt baths help supply magnesium to your muscles.

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