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Being a Career Woman

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Sitting on the couch eating bonbons and watching soap operas in the afternoon sounds quite tempting when the early morning alarm wails. I must admit I always felt that being a stay at home mom or housewife was taking the easy way out and taking advantage of a hard working husband’s generosity. Of course I have never had a husband that was willing to take care of all of the financial aspects of rent and board so there in lies my slight jealousy of others in this situation. I suppose as long as you are contributing to the household it should not matter and as long as the one income is enough to sustain the lifestyle that the two of you wish to lead. However if you choose or must work outside the home in a career then it is not so bad. You get out of the house and can mingle with adults that become very close personal friends most of the time. You get to have a life of your own away from the family life and can have an identity other than someone’s mommy or wifey. You get the satisfaction of a paycheck that you yourself have earned from your own hard work. Most importantly you get a sense of accomplishment when you achieve your goals that you have set.

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