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Dear Google…Big Mother?

Dear Google,

You know where my car is parked exactly, I won’t lose it anymore.  How long for me to get to work in the morning, yep you know the best route.  You, my new caretaker, give me my daily weather report before heading out of the door.  I can almost hear you saying “Don’t forget your galoshes and umbrella, Little One”.  You even lovingly tell me any other useful info that I might “need” to know first thing in the morning, as if you were my doting parent.



I do wonder what I might have lucked into by chance, if I would have made my own decisions?  Maybe my decisions would have not been so wise.  I would have forgotten my galoshes, for sure, Mom.

No, Google you are definitely not my Big Brother, like in Orwell’s 1984.

As you know Google, I am a nerd and love to use my technical devices, however I still like to use my own devices. Yet, I seem to be letting you make more and more decisions for me.  Decisions out of fear that I am going to make the wrong decision. I’d been using my own brain power, actually for quite some time, without any huge incidents, I might add. However, I am compelled to accept your unexpected and unsolicited advise.  Decision such as what articles I want to read or where I want my Google searches to end up.  And demands such as..Don’t eat that donut this morning, you have gained weight again..Oh, nevermind that is my Scaledown scale.

I know you.. my Dear Google, are only trying to hold my hand and be helpful and protective to poor little me.  Therefore, I am going to use you, as intended, as guidance just like my dear old Mom, to help me make my own, if not always the best, decisions.

With Much Appreciation, Me