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Do Massage Chairs Help Back Pain?

Do massage chairs help back pain?

This query is searched from all over the world, many times a day on the internet and the answer is…Yes, massage chairs do help back pain unless there is extreme damage in your ligaments or vertebra (spine).

If your doctor has said that your pain is “musculature” then a massage chair would be beneficial to you. These chairs stretch out your tight muscles and help relax and de-stress by using a series of shiatsu massage techniques which simulate the touch of a massage therapist. The benefit of being able to have your own personal massage at crucial times of the day is a very good reason to have one of these chairs in your home. Sometimes an overlooked benefit is being able to escape to your own massage chair cocoon for a 30 minute session after work or after being in a stressful situation. Just throw on your leisure clothing and add some relaxing music to this zero gravity full body shiatsu massage chair’s MP3 player and you are ready to be restored mentally and physically. This short “mental vacation” can lower your stress levels and help you recharge and unwind after a stressful day or even stretch out before a physical day. Also by using your massage chair immediately before bed and applying the heat feature to your back, you may relax more fully for a better night’s sleep.

Consult your doctor before using a massage chair if you are not sure where your back pain is stemming from. You may want to rule out more serious spinal conditions that may need treatment before massage chair use.

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