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Can A Massage Chair Hurt Your Back?

Did you use a massage chair and now your back hurts or feels sore? You may

have overdone it. can a massage chair hurt your back

Can a Massage Chair Hurt Your Back?

When beginning massage chair therapy the pressure and manipulations may create tiny tears in the connective tissue and muscle. This is similar to what happens when you work out an unused area when exercising or lifting objects.  Since you are not used to this pressure, it does stress the body.

The pain should ease up within a few days. If the soreness continues or if the pain is severe consult a physician.  A herniated disk or a pinched nerve in your spine may have been aggravated by the massage chair use.

Minor muscular soreness is caused by inflammation.  This is a healthy and normal response to stress.  The inflammation is a self protective response to trigger stiffness, soreness and finally repair.  Just like with bodybuilding your body develops to handle the additional stress.  After the body adjusts to the massage chair usage, users should not experience any additional pain.

Incrementally increase usage if you start using the massage chair after the pain subsides.

Some massage chair user have also experienced mild bruising.  Although rare, the pressure from any type of massage can cause bruising, especially a deep tissue massage on someone who bruises easily.  This tendency varies with age and certain medications.

For extreme soreness use the RICE technique, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

If you currently have back pain and are interested in purchasing a massage chair to help with the pain then ask yourself:
Is your back pain caused by muscle tension or tightness from stress? A massage chair will help your back by stretching the joints and loosening the tight knots. Conversely, if your back pain is caused by possible damage to your vertebrae or disks, you should consult your doctor before using a massage chair as it may not help the pain or even further damage your back by straining the already damaged connective tissues.

Treatment of Back Pain

Begin by using the massage chair for around twenty minutes every other day and increase slowly after a week to avoid soreness and to see how your muscles and joints are going to react to the increased manipulation.  Drink plenty of water to avoid lactic acid buildup in your body from muscle release.

The adjustable reclining feature on a massage chair is a nice addition, because it will allow you to relax in a position that is comfortable for you.  It also helps you position your weight properly on the massage heads, while keeping the pressure to your liking.  After using the chair perform some light back stretches since the muscles and ligaments should be warm and loosened.

The other advantages of massage chair therapy are the mental benefits of pleasure and relaxation. The release of endorphins during pleasure and relaxation can create a euphoric and restful state.

This is my opinion as someone who has a shiatsu massage chair and uses it for tension and tightness in the back and other parts of the body. I advise you to seek a medical opinion for your individual situation.

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