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Should You Drive in the Snow to Work?

Today we were blasted with a large amount of snow in Southwestern Ohio. It coated us right before morning rush hour and I fearing repercussions drove to work without even thinking about it. Going down some hills felt like descending small mountains. I had absolutely no traction. But you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t show up for work. You risk the worst possible outcome by death in a auto accident if you do take the risk for your business.

There were several serious auto accidents along the highways and also along the country roads. Do not risk your life for work if the roads are extremely treacherous. But how treacherous is too treacherous when it comes to making a judgement call between being a responsible employee and a normal cautious human being. The line is drawn when my city calls a level 3 snow emergency. I will absolutely not risk a ticket from the PD. I only remember a handful of times when a level 3 snow emergency has actually been declared but there are additional times when the decision needs to be made by yourself and for yourself. If area schools are off then you are safe to assume that taking a day off will not get you into too much trouble with your boss.

You need to weigh how vital your position is within in the company and if people are going to really suffer if you miss a day or two hear and there. Are the things you are doing a life or death matter such as in the medical field. Most likely it isn’t. Unfortunately my company can force us to use a vacation day if we miss work and I am not wasting my precious vacations days huddled up under a down comforter, my vacation days are best spend somewhere warm and definitely not vacationing at on the Arctic tundra aka my house.

What is your company policy regarding snow days and also what is expected of an employee during inclement weather or during other natural or man made disaster situations. There usually is a policy in place where the company. I am not sure a company would want this in writing as saying an employee must be present during snow emergencies could reasonably be seen as creating liability in the case of an accident or injury. If you are thinking of taking a snow day I hope you enjoy your day no matter your decision and above all safe travels!

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