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Dynamic Wish List for Future Conveniences

Do you ever wonder what your life would be like without our current modern conveniences?  I created this dynamic wish list because I am doing a bit of brainstorming (out loud and in public) for any ideas on future modern conveniences.

What do I mean by modern conveniences: Inventions that came about within the last few hundred years that have made living easier.

The Car – there is no way I could get to work 4 days a week in a horse and buggy or even on a bicycle.  It would take 2-3 hours to get to my job which is 15 minutes away by car, therefore my financial life and how I make money would be completely different.  How will the smart self driving cars improve or change our day to day lives, how we travel and how we earn a living?

The computer – Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be telecommuting, even if it is only 1 time per week.  And that I would be able to have a small part time income from my 2 websites that I created myself on my computer.  What will the future of computing be and how will it effect my life, my part time business and my full time career?  As computers grow smarter and have more capabilities they will become a part of every small and large invention that we now have.  Virtually every product will become a smart product.

The Bathroom –  I appreciate the throne as they call it, I call it the throne because I actually worship the bathroom.  The miracle of the babtismal waters of my shower and bathtub are real. Stay in my life and never leave, I beg of you. How will the new inventions for the bathroom improve our lives and what might they be? On my wish list, self cleaning fixtures because who has the time? Better smart toilets with bottom cleaning functions.  Smart faucets for homes and not just businesses. I would really like to see more comfort and relaxation in the tub, possibly a tub that is programmable and transforms by different modes for different moods to suit the user.

The Television – I would be much more well read, although much less entertained without a television.  Possible wants and needs…More of the virtual reality of feelovision, smellovision and tastovision and the general being there experience can be improved.

The Microwave – I could do without this one easily, although I do enjoy it’s time saving benefits. What would I want to see?  Smarter sensing that avoids overcooking or overheating.

Dishwasher-more on this later as mine is currently me although I am working hard to change this.  What I would want if I could?  One that actually cleans well.

Washer and Dryer – I love my washer and dryer, however they are separate pieces.  When will 2 become one in my life?  I have read the washer and dryer combos that are on the market currently leave a bit to be desired.  My wish list is to bring these washer dryer combos up to par.

Beds – smart temperature and firmness controlled beds.  Also modes for different moods would be nice.  A winter warming mode would be nice right now, that would gently cradle you to sleep and nudge you awake in the morning.

Massage Chair – I feel it offers some benefit, however there are things that will be improved down the road to make this a more human like experience. Human like hands will be a big improvement on these babies.

The refrigerator – the modern fridge has given us fresh food for longer periods than we have ever had in the past.  This item has become smarter over the years capable of programming and sensing your favorite foods.