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Epson Powerlite Home 707 Cinema

The entertainment value that I have received over the past 6 months from my Epson Powerlite Home Cinema is unlike any other item that I have reviewed. This item may be my favorite for providing overall enjoyment, especially to people (like my fam) who enjoy going to the movies.

 As someone who is fairly new to home projection systems, I found it easy to hook up and get rolling.  I connected it to my Sony Blu Ray player to get access to tons of streaming services in HD including Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Amazon Instant Video, Facebook, and then project it on the wall of my living room.  I have the 707 model.  Although this one may not be have the highest definition available, it is cost effective and  I can’t tell the difference between this one and the higher priced models.   This projector is quickly becoming a favorite with my relatives and friends when they come over to visit, especially the younger kids. It is enjoyable to create an especially fun atmosphere, with the projector. This makes the fun of movie night extra special when you bring out the snacks and buttered popcorn and play on the theme of the movie.

“Drive-In Movie Night at Home”

One night I even had the relatives over during the summer for “drive in” movies in the backyard at my house. The featured film was a scary, classic film called “The Body Snatchers”, that my older sister remembered from her childhood. We brought out lawn chairs, had beers and our favorite pizza. And just like the real driveins of the past, don’t forget the bug spray. Trust me fun was had by all. This comes with a carry case to transport to events. Epson projectors can and have been used for many years, for power point presentations in business or for any type of presentation where there is a need to project the images from a computer or laptop, especially where there is a large audience.

Back Yard Drive In