Seville Classics 3-Bag Laundry Sorter with Hanging Bar

This Seville Classics 3-Bag Laundry Sorter with Hanging Bar allows you to sort your clothing into 3 groups.  And after you wash and/or dry this Sorter allows you to hang your clothing for drying and if you need extra space, storage.



Drying your clothing fully or partially on a hanging bar or rack will maintain your clothing for a longer time than if you dry completely in the drying.  The thread and weave is beaten up in the dryer for certain more delicate fabrics such as sweater and clothing that could pick.

It is made of steel unlike other laundry sorters that I have had that I have had in the past. It does cost a little more than the cheaper plastic versions but this should last you many decades if you keep it clean and dry.

I would suggest not adding wet clothing and especially towels to the hamper.  Allow these items to dry to avoid bacteria or fungi (mold) before adding to their section of the hamper.  The individual cloth hampers can be removed and taken to the washer to unload a load and then washed if needed.  Your clean laundry can then be transported in these laundry bags/sorters.

How to sort dirty clothing with the help of a laundry sorter to prepare for laundering:
Whites: Separate white t-shirts, white underwear, white socks and other similar items. Put these items in a separate canvas laundry bag. This pile is for white sturdy cottons that can withstand normal agitation in the washer on a warm or hot wash cycle.

Darks: Grays, blacks, navies, reds, dark purples and similar colors. Jeans can be added to this if they are not too heavy.
Wash in cool water to prevent fading. Put these items into a separate canvas laundry bag.

Towels- wash on hot. Make sure these are dry before putting into their separate canvas laundry bag.

Delicates: This category includes several types of clothing – lingerie, pantyhose, washable silks, and any clothing you’d like to keep from the harsh agitation of the washer. Wash by hand or gentle preferably in a delicates washing bag which they can also be stored in. Hang on a hanger or attach to the clothing rack.

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