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Ghost Car DOA

I am interested in robotic and smart products hence the website, duh.

I am especially looking forward to when I will finally be able to purchase a self-driving car. To me that will be the ultimate smart and robotic product and it will be parked right out my driveway.

I am hoping that these intelligent vehicles become affordable at least in time for my old age. We will all be chauffeured by our own invisible driver by 2020 according to those in the know.  I am not sure about that, yet I am hopeful.

Driving Miss Daisy – Prior to Self Driving Cars

Although we may not be driven in the style of Driving Miss Daisy, our faithful, intelligent chauffeur will be there for us,  in some form or another and it’s alright by me if he isn’t Morgan Freeman-ish.

I own stock in (TSLA) Tesla Inc. and their combined genius has innovative plans for supplying the masses. I am included in the masses, aren’t I, and the stock is currently going up, up, up, so yes, yes, yes driver-less cars come and get me.

I know that there are driverless cars on the road as I type this, but not in my neck of the woods, aka O-H-I-O, or are there?



Now for the morbid warning. Remember when a famous golfer’s Gulfstream lost oxygen and it flew from Florida to to somewhere up North.  I am not mentioning names because it bothers me terribly and I am sure it would bother any surviving family members. Everyone on board this plane was deceased as it flew for several hours on autopilot, before crashing into a field. I don’t believe anyone on the ground knew about the loss of cabin pressure.

Not only that but I have great anxiety over a movie I saw when I was younger. It was called The Ghost Ship and maybe that is where the root of this anxiety stems from.  I can’t stand the thought of vehicles moving around without the living.  Oh yeah I enjoy my scary movies but real wheels on the road with passed away passengers is just too much scary for even me to enjoy.

There was also a remake and even a sequel so somebody must have seen and maybe even actually enjoyed these Ghost Ship movies.

And as the population ages and needs transportation it might be very convenient for granny (me, not now but someday) to get a ride to the hospital from Tesla.   And since I spent all my money on this shiny new Tesla to avoid the high cost of an ambulance ride…

Yes, DOA-dead on arrival. Hospital staff may be used to DOAs but what about if I show up DOA at Walgreens in my new cool ghost car.

We got another Tesla with a stiff Granny out front.