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Going Back To Work After Many Years

There are many reasons and circumstances that may cause you to go back to work after many years.  Perhaps you were home with young children and now that they are older it is time to resume your career and start bringing home an income to support your family.  Perhaps a relationship has ended and it is now necessary to pursue a career in order to sustain your home and lifestyle.

What ever the reason you are on the internet looking for information on how to make the process easier and how to get into the groove of day to day work outside of the home.

Get used to taking orders and starting out as the “low man”, it is nothing personal and you will work your way up the ladder.

Be extremely organized in your home life to keep all the aspects of home and work life functioning.

Here are 10 tips to help during the first few weeks of going back to work after a lapse.

1. The first week you may want to have easy to prepare meals on hand for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

2. Have all of your clothing and other implements at the ready for those early morning rush hours especially if you have small children to attend to.

3. Put some of the usual activities on the back burner, just for now, until your new schedule becomes second nature.

4. Ask for help from family and friends if necessary to get the children after school or to run errands for you..etc.    Your parents or other relatives are usually more than willing to help and most of the time want to feel needed.

5. Have your hair styled in an easily managed, professional style for time management in the morning.

6. If you have long commutes to your office you may want to listen to books on tape that are educational or entertaining.

7. Find out about telecommuting one day per week to save on gas money and time.  My office now allows certain employees this opportunity and hopefully will also allow me to do this in the near future.

8. Focus on the benefits of going back to work.  Work can be very rewarding mentally and financially when you put in the effort. Stay motivated and positive for the best results!

9. Find new friends and coworkers at work that you can relate to and can mentor you through the learning curve stages at your new job.

10. Purchasing a good coffee maker like the Keurig K155 Commercial Brewing System. This is a time saver on those busy work day mornings.

Good luck in your career!

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