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Google Nest Smarter “learning” Thermostat

The Google Nest learning thermostat may have battery issues.  The problem with the device appeared after a recent software update.  A software glitch caused Nest’s smart thermostat batteries to drain and left some homeowners furious with brain freeze. The problem arose as temperatures dropped to below freezing in most of the northern climates.

Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation

Consumers have reported problems with the thermostat’s battery, which causes the device’s motion-sensors to become unresponsive leading to incorrect temperature settings and unfortunately, frigid homes. After installing the new device, users are complaining that the device is not functioning correctly.  This appears to be a result of bugs in the programs software.

Nest thermostats are meant to be a smarter way to control temperatures, capable of sensing a person’s presence and learning just how cool or warm the user likes their homes.

Google’s acquired the $3.2 billion Nest in 2014. (Nest) is a company whose mission is to reinvent devices in the home such as thermostats, security cameras and smoke alarms.

The reality is that these smart devices may have more programming issues than their “dumber” counterparts in the beginning.  It is called a learning thermostat after all.  Apparently, it is still in the learning stage.  However, products such as the Nest Learning Thermostat are well on their way to improving our day to day comfort and safety. The geniuses at Google’s Nest are on it, working hard to correct the program glitch that caused the software update to malfunction, so just chill out.  Hmm, maybe not the right phrase to use in the midst of winter.

How to reset the Nest thermostat -if experiencing technical problems-

  1. Press the ring button in order to access the main menu.
  2. Navigate to Settings and press the ring again.
  3. Settings menu, select Reset

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