Invisalign is a system of clear plastic trays that are changed every two to three weeks depending on your treatment plan to gradually align your teeth into the desired position. I received 16 attachments which are tooth colored buttons that are bonded to the teeth. I am currently changing into my 25th set of invisalign aligners out of 32 total. I started treatment in March 2013 and should be completed by the end of October 2014 if I do not need refinements. A refinement is a second set of trays to perfect the final outcome and so far I don’t think I am going to need it since my teeth are getting very straight and aligned.

I chose not to go with traditional braces because at my age I didn’t want to have a “metal” smile. I did consider 6 month smiles system but in my case this was not recommended.

The first appointment is the consultation where you meet to the orthodontist and see if your teeth are an acceptable patient for invisalign. The second appointment is for accepting your payment contract and getting your teeth scanned or molded. I had scans which is are computerized 3-D images of the shape of your teeth and gums which are then downloaded into the computer. These scans and additional photos are then sent to the invisalign headquarters with the treatment plan from your doctor and your aligners are produced. It take about 4 weeks to get them back from manufacturing.

My invisalign cost $5,500 and paid a $500 down payment and 189 a month for 28 months.

I currently recommend the invisalign system. I will give my final thoughts at the end of treatment.