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Items to Keep in Your Desk at Work

You may actually spend more waking hours at your desk at work than you do at home. To make you feel at home and to keep from lugging items back and forth to and from home you should keep a drawer at work full of personal items that you may need as necessities and for small emergencies. These items increase your comfort and may keep you more productive for longer periods of time.

list of personal items for desk

Here is a list of 23 (personal) items to keep in your desk at work:
1. lint brush or lint roller
2. tissues
3. hand sanitizer
4. bandaids
5. neosporin
6. ibuprofen
7. feminine products
8. hairspray
9. hairbrush
10. small magnetic mirror
11. small sewing kit
12. extra pair of gym shoes or flats, for walking during breaks
13. toothbrush
14. toothpaste
15. deodorant
16. mouthwash
17. vitamins
18. lotion
19. hair clips or ties
20. extra sweater
21. phone charger
22. lip balm
23. GustBuster Metro 43-Inch Automatic Umbrella (Black)