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How to Look Smart at Work

I went to a meeting the other day and witnessed a coworker slinking down in her chair, looking at her cellphone and constantly yawning. Oh my, what is she thinking, doesn’t she know how to look smart?

And doing what I normally do I decided to write about it.  I know I have projected a not so perfect image along my career path and want to improve.  I thought these tips might help me as well as others.

Look Smart

If you want a promotion or at least a good review try to look smart by doing the following especially in meetings:

1.  Arrive at office meetings a few minutes early.  Do not linger afterwards, get back to your desk.

2. Do not socialize with your coworkers for longer than a moment or two at work especially at meetings.  Meetings cost a fortune in lost productivity.

3.  Take a nice pen and a pad of paper to meetings. Try to note the key points. Keep your pen in your hand like you are ready to write jot down an important note at any moment.

4.  Sit erect in your chair like you have somewhat of a spine.  Slightly lean your body towards the speaker. Keep your hands off of your face and do not lean on the table.

5. Never yawn when someone is speaking, jeez.

6. Nod your head when you agree with the speaker.

7. Wear glasses because it makes you look like you want to see what is being presented. If you do not wear glasses just make sure you are wide eyed.

8. Occasionally wear a blazer even if you have a casual office, it does make you look like you actually made an effort to look a bit professional.

9. Put away and turn off electronic devices, only check them a few times per day.

10. Ask questions and speak up.

I know this is basic office etiquette but  I am amazed by the people I see showing a complete lack of courtesy and ignorance in meetings and at work in general.  If you look smart and act smart it just may pay off down the road.