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The Love of Coffee

Love of coffee
My love affair with a rich cup of coffee has me curious on the origination of the drink and on the subject of cafes. When I am working it gives me that extra push necessary to get through the day however when I want to relax I also drink coffee to get the feeling of inviting comfort and hominess. Perhaps my romantic view of the sophisticated French people and their tastefully decorated cafes conversing with each other on a warm spring day has something to do with my affection for this warm and sometimes cold beverage. I want to butter up a croissant and read a (translated) book of French prose and consume a cafe au lait. If I turn on some old french music, I am transferred to another land that is so far away. Okay, so maybe I am an American who has never gotten out of the Western hemisphere and has seen too many romanticized versions of Parisian culture but how I do love my imagined version, just the same.

The history of coffee

According to my sources (Wikipedia) coffee originated in Ethiopia and was “discovered after seeing a group of goats energetic after eating the berries of a coffee tree” and not sleeping as they normally did. The first beverage was then prepared and consumed for it’s stimulating effects. Soon the cultivation of coffee spread around the world.

Turkish Coffee houses – The first coffee houses which were in Turkey date back to the 14th century and were gathering places of social, intellectual and artistic society.

Paris Cafe Culture. The sophistication of an afternoon at a french cafe began in the eighteenth century and continues until today where you can discuss current political and other social matters with other intellectuals and mingle with artists and writers alike.

American Coffee Shops. While reading the newspaper and sitting on a stool at a coffee counter your waitress in a stiffly starched uniform behind a spanking clean counter pours your cup of hot coffee and a fry cook prepares bacon and eggs for other patrons as they busily go to and fro before work during the early morning hours.

Starbucks and other such modern day cafes have a hip vibe for busy urbanites to work on their laptops and sometimes mingle with others in a very cool establishment.

Iced Kahlua and coffee recipe, since I am on vacation from work this week
Blend the following together in a tall glass
Crushed ice
Very strong freshly made coffee (made with my Keurig K155 Brewer)
1/4 cup of cream or milk
Kahlua (as much as you can handle)

For the love of coffee!