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Lunch Break Workout for Busy Working Women

If you absolutely do not have time (like me on many days) to work out and you must fit your fitness in somewhere.

Here is a lunch break work out routine that is not perfect but can help if there is no other solution. This routine is fairly easy and will not get you too hot and sweaty.

Hopefully you can find somewhere private to do these away from prying co-worker eyes.

Jumping Jacks – 50

Squat Jumps – 10

Push Ups – 10

High Knees – 10

Lunges – 10

Jumping Jacks – 50

Push Ups – 10

Squats – 10

Run or Walk for 10 minutes


Repeat if you have time

Another idea on alternate days is to climb stairs for 20 minutes and then do 10 pushups