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Massage Chair Manipulation

Types of Massage Chair Manipulations

Most massage chairs offer pre-programmed settings to allow a customized massage to selected parts of the back, shoulders and neck.

Electric Massage chair therapy manipulation consists of rubbing in the following different strokes kneading the muscles and soft tissues to improve the function of those tissues and encourage relaxation.

Flapping-starts and stops at quick intervals

Shiatsu-pressing and loosening repeatedly replicating finger pressure

Knocking-rhythmic pressure to stimulate muscles and nerve fibers

Deep kneading-to relieve deep aches and pains

Kneading and knocking in synch for dissipating fatigue and tension

Electric Massage chair therapy is also advised by some health care professionals as a complementary therapy in addition to standard treatment. Supporters believe massage may help reduce stress, anxiety and pain in individuals who have certain illnesses. It’s also known to relax muscles. Many individuals find that massage enhances a feeling of well-being thus providing some relief from pain.

Some practitioners state that massage raises your body’s production of endorphins thought improve overall mood in addition to flushing waste products and lactic acid away from the muscles. Proponents also proclaim that massage promotes restoration from fatigue from excessive exercise, breaks up scar tissue formation, may loosens mucus in the lungs, promotes sinus drainage, and helps healing from arthritis and colds.

Massage strokes may differ on a massage chair from light as well as shallow to firm and deep and also from slow steady pressure to swift tapping. The type of massage stroke is determined by the health and needs of the individual.

Electric Massage chair therapy uses several techniques to apply pressure to muscles as a way to relax them as well as encourage circulation. Deeper massage strokes concentrate on deep layers of muscle groups and connective tissue with the purpose of releasing chronic tension while increasing mobility.

Almost all therapeutic Electric Shiatsu massage chair recliners make use of motors that use a combination of gears and rollers, in addition to vibrating components to manipulate the muscles and release tension in your back neck and shoulders.

The earliest electric massage chairs made use of a series of vibrating motors to produce the massaging effect. The vibrating motors of electric massage chairs gradually became more sophisticated as several motors were employed to create a alternating vibration massage as the current of vibration is directed at your muscles of your body.