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Muscular Back Pain

The importance of stretching and muscular back pain.

Does your back feel tight? Is most of your pain coming from the fascia, trapezius muscle or the upper layers of your back away from the spine?

Provide a gentle stretch to all area of muscle on you back, shown in the attached diagram. Warm the muscle slightly before stretching.  Moist heat works better than dry heat before stretching.  Do not over stretch especially if you are just beginning.  It is very important to drink plenty of water for limber joints and muscles.

The importance of strength and back pain.

Sitting at a chair all day without back movement and core engagement causes back pain and stiffness.  Year after year without strength training will also create weak muscles that cannot support the frame of the body.   Pain will result from weakness and inability to carry the weight of your body, especially if you are carrying around a large abdomen on a smaller,  less muscular frame.  Your core becomes lax and misaligned leading to more stress and strain on your ligaments and vertebrate.  Over time this will throw your hips and legs our of alignment causing even more pain and stretching of the ligaments.

It is very important to maintain the correct posture and a tight core while sitting or standing upright.

Working out needs to be accompanied by muscle stretching because strength training  actually creating tears in the muscle and rebuilds new muscle fibers.  These muscle fibers and fascia can become “fixed” together if proper stretching techniques are not performed.

Consult a physician if you are having back pain to locate the exact location and cause of your pain.


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