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Negative Stereotypes of Women in the Work Place

Getting ahead as women means battling the negative stereotypes that women have at the office. And it also means working a lot harder than your male coworkers or at least appearing as if you do.  You cannot talk as much as the males do unless of course it is about sports or people my think that you are one of “those” women. I am not saying that this is right or politically correct, but it is how it is. Unfortunately in many corporations it is still a boys club handed down from the generations before us. To counter act these myths as women we need to act, look and be smarter and on top of our game.

The top 3 negative personas of female office workers.

1. The gossiping busy body-she is always on the phone with family and friends and she is usually walking around getting into other peoples business.  Sure it is appropriate to do this occasionally but to interrupt your coworkers over 20 percent of the day is not okay with anyone trying to make a profit for the company.

2. The bitchy boss woman-This is the employee who has gotten ahead with her male colleagues by being a pure bitch to everyone.  When she walks into the office you can feel a chill in the air.  She thinks she has to be a bitch because that has traditionally been the only way to be promoted to management. She is on everyone that is under her and they all hate her.  Eventually she moves on to a better company or a better position in the company. She looks successful and may really be happy being a bitch but do not be her anyway.

3. The people pleaser – quit saying you are sorry for every little thing and quit gladly doing work for everybody else without getting rewarded. This is the person that gets taken advantage of and used up. She never gets promoted or a raise because they know she will continue to work like a dog for a bone.

The best advise is to stay under the radar when you are doing other things besides your tasks and to make yourself noticed loud and clear when you are working.