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How to Wake Up in the Morning


I want to kill my alarm clock and put me out of my misery every morning! But in reality I really don’t want to die, maybe just stay asleep in my warm and cozy bed for a few more hours every morning. Unfortunately my very bossy boss needs me at work right on time at 7:30 AM. So I am usually waking up in darkness most of the year. I have yet to figure out a way to get up easily and avoid the mandatory pushing of the snooze button that I do every morning. I have learned from research that the easiest way to perk up is by gradually wakening the senses in as pleasurable a way as possible.

1. Sight- Jostle your hibernation with sunrise simulation for a natural wake up, turn the television on something like morning news but not something that you will want to stay in bed and watch for hours.

2. Hearing-Don’t wake up to the horrible screech of the alarm clock because that would send even early birds running for cover (no pun intended). Wake up to you favorite beats.

3. Taste-You can be stimulated with a great tasting healthy breakfast and of course coffee with its caffeine will invigorate you.

4. Touch-If you can get up and stretch and then go for a walk or run in the best of possible worlds and afterward a alternatively cold and warm shower combining some exfoliating and invigorating skin cleanser will stimulate your skin. In a not so perfect world at least get your heart pumping a little by moving around for a few minutes.

5. Smell-If your coffee doesn’t take care of this you can a eat a healthy breakfast with some stimulating and mouthwatering herbs. Spray some scents around the house that you love.

And of course if you have a hard time rising and opening those peepers enough to put on a pot of coffee then put it on the night before to have the smell wafting through the house at the moment of impending doom or in other words the time the clock is set for.