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Creating a Relaxing Room for your Massage Chair

Creating a relaxing room for your massage chair room at your residence requires you to make a tranquil and relaxing space free from noise or disruption.
Massage chair therapy is meant to relax, rejuvenate and heal our bodies and minds and a sanctuary will help you fulfill this ideal.
Choose a room in your home that is free of noise and activity where you can create your oasis for your daily get-away. Be sure to choose a room where you can control the light and noise with blinds, etc. from any outside sources. Place a small table in the room to hold a lit candle for ambiance and a music player.
The paint in the the room should be a very neutral and soothing color. A few pictures of beautiful landscapes will help to send your mind on a “mental” holiday.

1. Turn the lights down to a low level.

2. Set the temperature of the room to warm you up but not too warm to allow additional relaxation and comfort.

3. Turn on some tranquil soothing music. I prefer music with no lyrics.

4. Light your favorite candle to fill the room with a subtle scent.

Try to only use this room for soothing activities, soon your mind will associate this room with relaxation and you will feel comfortable upon entering.