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Slow and Steady Website Growth

I am learning to blog better by failure… let me explain.  

Although I work a day job from  8 to 5 (that I love and have no plans of ever leaving) and can only devote a few hours a week to blogging, I am excited to say that the traffic on my two websites is slowly and steadily climbing and improving month over month. The turtle always wins the race, right?  That was the fable that I learned in grade school, so it must be true. But is it still true if the turtle is also a slow learner?

The continual slow and steady growth of my two sites is (Hello Captain Obvious) a goal of mine and nothing would make me prouder than for my business plan to actually be successful.

A part time blogger-business plan success story in the making. 

Learn to Blog

Part of learning to succeed is failing often and learning from the failure by adapting. There are peaks and valleys in the growth but generally my websites are trending upwards according to the data on the analytical reports.

What I have learned so far.

Learn from your tools and those being:

  • Google analytics-who are my readers
  • Webmaster tools-what keywords are sending the traffic and what keywords do I need more of to increase views
  • Facebook insights-what readers like to see
  • Pinterest shares-what readers like to share

My websites are monetized with the ad network Google Adsense. Adsense seems to be the easiest of the ad networks to use and I have read that they are one of the highest paying, especially when first starting your website.  My websites also make a commission by selling Amazon products by linking relevant products to articles focused on certain keywords. The focus on this website are smart products for smart consumers such as robotic products, an example would be massage chairs and wifi connected “smart products” mainly because I am interested in writing about new inventions and advanced products that will make life easier and/or healthier.