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Smart Appliances


I just read an article that smart refrigerators are going to be a available in the very near future. According to the article they will remember our favorite brands and let us know when our stock is running low. Gone are the days of your appliances being as dumb as a door knob. I don’t know about you but I think smart is sexy! Maybe sexy is not the right word for a kitchen appliance but if it makes life easier it is worth the extra expense.

On the same day I also read an article that the Kroger company is now testing an online ordering program. You will soon be able to order your groceries online and simply pick up at the store. This may be commonplace for New Yorkers and other urbanites but here in the Midwest this is a ground breaking feat of epic time saving proportions. This will be great for people who do not enjoy shopping or who do not have the time to shop. This will also be especially convenient for people who are disabled, taking care of a small child or temporarily under the weather.

I am hoping my (soon-to-be) genius refrigerator will be able to order my grocery staples without me even making a list, hopefully I can just press a few buttons on my smart phone and it will transmit the data to my favorite grocery store. I am envisioning a gifted refrigerator that can teach my cabinets a thing or two and maybe the absent minded dishwasher as well, maybe I am dreaming? If my refrigerator tells me to lay off of the coca-cola it may get rebooted. I am looking forward to a smarter future, if not for me then definitely for my appliances.