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Smart Products of the Future Wish List

Smart Products Products Wish List – I am not Nostradamus but it is fun to think about future smart products that may make our lives easier by doing more of our work for us or helping us become more productive.  These items may or may not have been invented however I have not seen them yet.

1. Homing device for all easily misplaced items. I know there is now a iphone app that lets you tag something and then easily locate it. My idea is to take this one step further and have the (something like) a roomba return it to a proper location such as to a key bowl instead of under the couch. My friends in the know said that as of right now robots are having a hard time visualizing and grabbing objects, not really sure why this can’t be figured out.
2. A microwave and stove that senses the doneness of the food  being prepared to ones desired taste and I don’t mean a thermometer.  If a dryer can sense when something is ready then why can’t a stove?

3.A barracuda for porcelain. Just like the barracuda pool cleaner sucks on the pool this one could clean the sink, toilet and bathtub.

4. A robotic dog trainer.  Just program a treat to dispense and a bell to ring for every good deed.  Another play on the roomba with added voice simulation. Peta, I am joking.

I will think of more later, I am too tired from all this housework.
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