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Staying Focused at Work

My new years resolution for my day job is to stay focused and to be a better employee. I do not want to be thinking about what I am going to do after work or what is on sale over on the Newyorkandcompany website. My self control has been lacking lately and I want to again clarify my goals for the new year. Self control is the key I have found to being successful in  everything. Ask yourself, Do I want to be successful? If so you must incorporate self control to make your goals happen.

Letting yourself have a set time for a proper opportunity to indulge in fun and socializing will hopefully let you be more in control of the mandatory things you need to do on a daily basis.  While on the clock try to minimize your distractions and focus on work items except during break time.  There are times when you can relax this rule but try not to let it become a habit.

1. The first thing after arriving at work is to get everything ready that you need to be productive. Make sure your work area is organized and clean. Make sure to have a comfortable chair and have a decent work station. I have my pen, post it notes and ruler available.
2. Make sure you have a to do list so you do not forget the goal of the day. I have a task list that shows tasks in need by date order. I need to make sure I am accomplishing these key things that are needed today.

3.Staying focused at work is such a difficult task for most of us that those who are able to do this will rise above the rest. This simple fact might be a good motivator for you.

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