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The Sunday Night Blues

I have to go back to work tomorrow and I am not too happy. I think I have come down with a case of Sunday night blues.

It is mid winter here and it is so cold in the morning and my hibernation instincts have kicked in. I would much rather stay in my comfy home, wearing p.j.s and eating my hoard of nuts instead of scraping frost off of the Altima.

The anticipation for the weekend was high and now I am feeling let down, it feels as if the fun is over…forever.  I have to put away my real self and become “the professional” woman.  “The professional”woman has to be serious and act like an adult. No more being the “rowdy party girl” that I was over the weekend. She has to put on the appearance of having it all together.  No more dancing and tossing back shots at least not where I work. No more Ohio State t-shirts. I have to put on my glasses, sip coffee and be uptight.  I need to change my whole vocabulary to fit the work situation, no more “f” bombs.  If I am programmable, am I therefore a computer?

Monday through Friday from 8 to 5 my mind is taken up with insurance matters.  I can’t say that I don’t care about my job because I really do.  I like everyone at work and I like the company that I work for.  I am very lucky.  I just can’t be myself there..but then again that is what makes the weekends so awesome.

Tips for kicking the Sunday night blues.

1. Get a bath or shower on Sunday night.

2. Have your clothes ready to put on in the morning, pick something you look especially good in and that is comfortable. Family members should have all lunches packed. Briefcases and backpacks by the door.

3. Visualize yourself at your work place happily working along and feeling motivated to make a good product.  Yeah, right I hear you say..what is she on?  At the very least, see yourself being productive.

“I” will see “you” on Friday night.