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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Busy People

What gift can you give on Valentine’s Day to your busy spouse or partner?  This question holds the answer and the answer is time, my friend.  Enjoyable, quality time (preferably with you) is the absolute best gift that you can give to someone who is overworked and/or very busy.  There are some things that money can by to help with managing and freeing up valuable time.  These are things that can be added to a romantic card.

1. Night out at his or her favorite restaurant even if the whole family comes. Yes, this is a no brainer but you really should be in attendance if possible. Or cook (and clean up).

2. Salon/spa gift certificates.  This is always appreciated no matter how busy and overworked your spouse.

3. House cleaning gift certificate to ease the work load.

4. Personal training sessions at the gym can help with reenergizing the overworked.

5. Offer to run extra errands this week while your loved one does something pleasurable.

6. Restaurant gift certificates for future lunches.

7. Dry cleaning/laundering gift certificates.

8. Grocery delivery/restaurant delivery services.

9. Babysitting/Nanny service.

10. Gift certificates for online services such as Amazon, so that valentine can purchase what they want.  If purchasing time is not an option perhaps this watch would be a nice gift.