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What Is In Your Commuter Bag?

If you are working in the city, you may need to take a large amount of items to work. Lugging these items back and forth is usually a pain in the arse but good planning and a good bag can be tremendously helpful. I see a lot of women with rolling laptop bags that look like mini suitcases.
But I myself, like to use a commuter bag instead because it is easier for me to carry my bag over uneven and icy terrain. Transporting such a large amount of items is necessary since we spend such a large amount of our day away from home. I sometimes feel like a pack mule but these items make me feel much more at home while I am at the office.  The office needs to truly feel like your home away from home if you want to feel like you belong in this environment.  And as women we like all of our little comfort items within easy reach.

I myself leave for work at 7:00 AM and I usually get home after 6:00 PM. I spend my lunch our working out some days and studying on others, and then I also randomly have plans after work to dress for. I recommend finding a large bag with several different pockets for all of your belongings as it does help to keep you organized and make sure you have all of your daily items. Duplicate as many items as possible and keep them in the car or at work. What you keep in your car or at work will depend upon your budget and your work place storage space.

If you are smart you will leave many items at work in your desk or locker. As women we need so many assorting things to keep us feeling our best and being our most productive by being less distracted on the job.

I’ve made a list of items to keep in your desk in an earlier post.

But of course there are many items that you cannot keep in your desk because they are something that you need away from work, such as your purse and it’s contents. And there are several other items that need to be fresh such as your lunch and clean such as workout clothing and you need to keep in your commuter bag.

Breakfast and lunch if you eat at your desk.

Shoes if you have a major walk into the building you may want to change into some comfortable flats or other good walking shoes.

Work out clothing

Your laptop