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Why Americans Need An Electronic Toilet Seat

I honestly, have never used an electronic toilet seat, although I have seen them on Japanese television. I have never had a bidet, nor have I ever been to any friend or relative’s home in the US which has had one, although again, I have seen many on the screen in European movies. I have been to a few very luxurious hotels in my life and have only experienced one hotel in the United States with a bidet in the bathroom. Although there have been times when I needed one, cause let’s be frank, crap happens. Not to give TMI (too much information) on on a slightly embarrassing subject but we are all humans and we all have needs to tend to.  It would make my life much easier and cleaner for that matter, if I had a bidet.

Unfortunately my home only has room for one toilet and my budget surely cannot handle the addition of 4 extra square feet in my bathroom. Maybe someday, but currently I do not have the money for a rehab of my bathroom. Instead I am settling on this Bio Bidet BB-600 Ultimate Luxury Class Bidet Seat. During my search, I found that it is the top rated electronic toilet seat on Amazon.

Isn’t it about time that we as Americans moved into the 21st century? We have many other smart products and a smart toilet should be added to this list.  These seats work with the existing plumbing that we Americans have in our homes. If you are ready to embrace the new trend in American bathrooms without investing a fortune, this electronic toilet seat might be the way to go (no pun intended).

BB-600E BioBidet Ultimate Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets, White

I will update this post when I receive the seat. Be sure that you have the correct measurements for your toilet as some  toilets have elongated bowls and some have rounded bowls.  Also be sure that your electric outlet is up to code. You should also check the other installment requirements shown by clicking on the picture of the toilet seat below.

Bio Bidet BB-600 Ultimate Luxury Class Bidet Seat, White

Maybe I will rename this article “Why this American needs an electronic toilet” Now it really is getting to be uncomfortably personal but here goes…basically it comes down to the fact that I love feeling clean all of the time, and there is nothing embarrassing about that.

As an added bonus: Here is a list of words for toilet from rotorooter.com

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