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Working From Home Successfully

working from home

Occasionally I have an opportunity to work from home in my home office. There are several good things about this such as saving money on gas and lunch. My all time favorite fantasy about working from home has to be me in my pajamas with a steaming cup of coffee, legs propped up while happily working at my outdoor table or on a balcony somewhere overlooking the beach. Back to reality, I have my desk set up in a small, dark bedroom away from the living areas. I feel like I am isolated from all humanity, I haven’t showered since yesterday and I feel like I am going crazy from being cooped up all day in the house alone. I honestly have a hard time concentrating on my tasks when I feel like I am the next caretaker on the set of The Shining Part II. I have found the following working from home tips to be helpful for me.

Working From Home Tips

1. The distractions are many compared to my office. Do the dogs need fed? Should I do a load of laundry? Try to get all of the morning chores done and therefore out of your mind.

2. Take a shower and get dressed into some office style clothing. It helps to put your “uniform on” and your “game face on”.

3. I have found that the best way to focus on the work that needs to be done is to focus on the easiest tasks and work your way to the hardest tasks but also rank tasks by first in /first out order.

4. Tell your family and friends that they can only call or stop by occasionally or in an emergency.

5. Give yourself a lunch hour to get away from work and relax for at least an hour during the day. Try to meet a friend or even someone from work for lunch but try to talk about anything but work.

6. Set up the home office away from the main traffic areas of the home if there are people at home during your working hours.

7. Choose an office chair with a high back and plenty of cushioning that is very supportive.  This office chair is perfect for a working at home office. It also benefits your mental well being to have a beautifully decorated office with a nice desk . I am currently working on creating a nice work space.

8. Visit the main office to attend meetings, educational classes and talk to co-workers. This can be very motivating and give you the push you need to improve productivity.